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For those of you who wish to build your own site I have included a list of wonderful resources for you to check out and use.

HTML and General Design Resources:

Web Monkey - This is a great site which offers helpful information for everyone from beginners to masters.
Web Reference - if it's out there, you will find it here! This site supplies you with everything you might need to know about Java, javascript, graphics tutorials, promotion, hosting and e-commerce.
The Beginners Page - The best place to start is at the beginning...learn the basics of html and page design.
ABC's of HTML - Just as learning your ABC's is important to be able to read, this site teaches you the basics of HTML to build your website properly.
The Web Design Clinic - Learn the basics from the bottom up! Everything from building to promotion all here.
HTML Goodies - Everything! This site offers helpful hints on everything. One of my favorites.
Using I-Frame Elements - Great information for creating I-frames within an html page.
I-Frames Tips and Tricks- Tutorial on using I-frames on your pages.

Flash Resources:

Designs by Mark - Great tutorials for a variety of programs for the beginner or the expert.
Flash Easy - This is a great site if you want a flash template for your site.
Flash Kit - Lots and lots of elements for use on your flash site. ie: sound loops, fonts, movies...also some great tutorials.
Flash Thief - plenty of sound loops for your flash presentation.
Swish - Fantastic easy to use little program for adding flash to your site.

Photoshop Resources:

Deep Space Web - Great tutorials on Photoshop and more.
Eyeball Design - One of the best! This site offers great photoshop and interface tutorials I have found. This is one of my favorites.
Designs by Mark - Great tutorials for a variety of programs for the beginner or the expert.
Photoshop Workshop - They are here! Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials...for everyone no matter what your skill level is. Tons of tutorials. Check them out for sure.

Java / Javascript / DHTML:

All Web Menus - Great little DHTML and Java menus for use on your pages, reasonably priced too.
Code Brain - Applets of all kinds...hundreds!
Open Cube - One of my favorites! They offer the best resources for Java applets for navagation and presentation. Pricy but worth every cent.
Anfy Java - I have been using this one for a few years now. I love it. Great effects: lake, slide show, image affects, etc. Definately a yes!
Dynamic Drive - as they say...No fluff! Just a lot of great DHTML scripts.
The Javascript Source - Tons of cut and paste scripts for use on your pages.

Online Utilities:

Table Maker - Tables got you in a snit? Check out this handy tool!
The Frame Shop - same as above only for use with frames pages.
Color Schemer - This is a must have...I couldn't live without it. Just enter a color value and poof! Color Schemer provides you with a perfect color pallette for your site!
Color Impact - another great color finder.
4 Colors Selector - Want to know what the colors you chose will look like on your website? Just enter the values and you will see.

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