Seering Media for your finest website designs


For pennies per day, ($100/year) Seering Media can offer you 100mb of space for your site and give you that "professional" look you desire.

A full domain account will be set up with "". Seering Media offers the convenience of either Online Check or Credit Card Payment. Once we receive notification of payment, your account will be set up within 48 hours.

Ask us to see whether your domain name is available here

Full Domain Account
Space Provided = 100 MB
Monthly Bandwidth Limitation 3 GB
Setup Fee (one time fee) $20.00
Yearly Fee $100
Max FTP Accounts: Unlimited
POP3 E-mail Accounts: Unlimited
Max E-mail Forwarders: Unlimited
Max E-mail autoresponder: Unlimited
Max Redirects: Unlimited
Max MySQL databases: Unlimited
Max Subdomains: Unlimited
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
Real Networks G2 Audio/Video
Website Statistics
Domain Registration $10/year

Please send technical questions or comments about this site to the WebMaster....

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