The well constructed website will advertise your business to existing and potential customers exactly all-the-time.

It answers questions about your products and services. It can entertain and capture audiences while displaying your contemporary savvy for high tech components in your business model. read further>

Macromedia Flash is a relevant example of the new limitless nature of the web today. Seering stays on top utilizing the entire suite of Macromedia products. We will integrate PHP database programming into a Flash application a readily as we would with a more traditional web design.

What is more, the effect that motion has on the eye in a web application, is tremendously appealing. We do Flash right. No big sweeping letters, words or bitmaps that cannot possibly frame render on a common user's screen. Seering prescribes to a lesser size is better size formula. Examples>

SeeringMedia contributes to the overall quality of your site with fully mastered audio. The custom audio we can produce for your web presence in any of the top formats, MP3, Aiff, WAV, is many times the emphasis your site may have been waiting for.

Combining a media package with Radio, Print, and WEB is a strong push which improves the clarity of your brand. Our Audio is CD quality and utilizes EMAGIC Logic Audio Series for the utmost clarity.


For pennies per day, Seering Media can offer you 50mb of space for your site and give you that "professional" look you desire.

A full domain account will be set up with "". Seering Media offers the convenience of either Online Check or Credit Card Payment. Once we receive notification of payment, your account will be set up within 48 hours.

Contact us to about registering your domain name for less than you'd ever expect. here>

Full Domain Account
Space Provided = 100 MB
Monthly Bandwidth Limitation 3 GB
Setup Fee (one time fee) $20.00
Yearly Fee $100
Max FTP Accounts: Unlimited
POP3 E-mail Accounts: Unlimited
Max E-mail Forwarders: Unlimited
Max E-mail autoresponder: Unlimited
Max Redirects: Unlimited
Max MySQL databases: Unlimited
Max Subdomains: Unlimited
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts *
Website Statistics
Domain Registration $8/year

* Provide a map so that your clients can find you.
* Explain your services.
* List catalogs, brochures and notices.
* Have an online shopping cart with secure credit card transactions.
* Post special events.
* Direct those clients who telephone your office to visit your web page for 24/7 information.
* Provide professional E-mail address such as
* Forward E-mail anywhere and provide automatic responses.
* Automatically collect and manage customers mail addresses in a database

We are a family run media outlet with contributers living from
Arizona to Cape Cod to Vermont and Boston.  We are a non affiliated group
and have been programming since 1976. Click  here  to arrange for a FREE telephone consultation.