Seering Media for your finest website designs


A properly constructed website will advertise your business to existing and potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. It will answer questions about your products and services and garner leads from your visitors.

Seering Media offers a complete website package: from obtaining your domain name, the initial design of your site, hosting on a fast reliable server, live website statistics, search engine registration to the important ongoing maintenance.

For those spur-of-the-moment updates to your website we can design the site so that you can update the database driven web pages yourself.

So if you need ....
1. A complete site showcasing your business and illustrating its superiority to the competitors.
2. Or if you or you need to breathe new life into your existing site.
3. Or if you need just a couple of pages so that visitors can fill out a form and send you an email.

We have a solution to suit your budget and ensure that you have a professional website for your business.

Some businesses do not understand the importance of having a website in today's market where customers want the information NOW! Business cards and yellow page advertising by themselves, aren't enough to attract the customers. Your well designed website can be the most cost effective means of informing potential clients of your services or products.

Businesses today need a way to give their customers the information they are seeking in a timely fashion. Your website is an electronic brochure designed to inform and educate potential customers and illustrate your company's superiority to your competitors.

We offer you, the visionary entrepreneur and forward looking, small business owner, the opportunity to bring your business onto the web. We will design a web site for you that enhances your business colors and style and we will maintain the website for you. We can update it monthly, or more frequently, depending upon your needs.

Use your web page to:

  • Post your schedules.
  • Provide a map so that your clients can find you.
  • Explain your services.
  • List catalogs, brochures and notices.
  • Have an online shopping cart with secure credit card transactions.
  • Post special events.
  • Direct those clients who telephone your office to visit your web page for 24/7 information.
  • Provide professional E-mail address such as
  • Forward E-mail anywhere and provide automatic responses.
  • Automatically collect and manage customers email addresses in a database.

I am sure that you will think of ideas specific to your field which will allow Seering Media to introduce them on your website. This is an exciting time for your business and Seering Media will be there to help you the whole way. Just give us the information and your site will be current, updated and valuable. Your clients will appreciate all the information you give them, and it will be available in all weather, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Please send technical questions or comments about this site to the WebMaster....

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